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My girlfriend and I went to Eddie’s Hot Dog Stand for a treat before we went to the dance hall. I ordered a hot dog with onions, and the good looking “guy” next me said ‘Phew!’ I said, ‘I don’t care, Eddie’s sandwiches are the best there is!” and I glared back. Later I saw him at the dance hall. He asked me to dance several times. I found out his name was Arthur A. Knight of Rome. Just as I was about to go home, he asked me if he could buy me a sandwich at Eddie’s—onions and all! Of course, I said yes. That’s the way it all started, and continued for the next few years until June 25, 1941, when we were married.

Marie A. Knight

If you’re not on the water, there’s no better place to be than Harpoon Eddie’s, situated on the Beach overlooking beautiful Oneida Lake.

The newly remodeled restaurant features indoor seating and outdoor full-service patio dining, lunch, dinner and drinks. Grab a bite and listen to live entertainment or enjoy one of our seafood entrees as you watch a spectacular sunset over the Lake! Harpoon Eddie’s also offers catering and take-out, perfect for large gatherings or small get-togethers.

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