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My girlfriend and I went to Eddie’s Hot Dog Stand for a treat before we went to the dance hall. I ordered a hot dog with onions, and the good looking “guy” next me said ‘Phew!’ I said, ‘I don’t care, Eddie’s sandwiches are the best there is!” and I glared back. Later I saw him at the dance hall. He asked me to dance several times. I found out his name was Arthur A. Knight of Rome. Just as I was about to go home, he asked me if he could buy me a sandwich at Eddie’s—onions and all! Of course, I said yes. That’s the way it all started, and continued for the next few years until June 25, 1941, when we were married.

Marie A. Knight

The Original Hot Ham

“The Original Hot Ham Sandwich” is proof that greatness isn’t always planned. With only a couple of ingredients, this Beach favorite is a unique offering which came about by chance on a busy summer’s day:

The Original Hot Ham

"When we expanded after the war, our business grew. The minute we fixed up our place, the people came. A big break was the hot ham sandwich. I ran out of hot dogs one day. Imagine-running out of hot dogs at Sylvan Beach! I had some capicola, Italian hot ham, in the cooler. I heated it on the grill, got it sizzling hot, put it on a bun and offered it as an alternative. The people loved it! They ordered more-and more. I reheated the capicola and it got hotter-the more you do this the hotter it gets. The people didn’t care. They wanted hot ham sandwiches. That sandwiches popularity took off beyond my wildest dreams!"

--Eddie Sr from, “From the Beach to Brewerton-Tales of Oneida Lake.”

“The Original Hot Ham” is still a favorite and staple at Eddie’s. If you haven’t already, stop in and taste the legendary sandwich that still drives in folks from near and far.



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